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Langford Park & Recreation City of St. PaulĀ Building. 30 Langford Park St. Paul, MN 55103



Ongoing and continuous construction while the facility remained open to the public. Required an extensive safety plan. Safety and well being of the public and our crews in combination utilized our job site specific safely plan.


60 Mil Weight EPDM (rubber) tapered roofing system with insulation which required custom fabricated sheet metal. Installed new commercial roof hatch for access to the roof. Included installation of newly fabricated commercial stairs. Installed a code compliant galvanized steel guard rail in conjunction with the roof hatch. Installed a Malarkey lifetime asphalt roofing shingle over the steep slope portion of the structure.


Increased R-Value due to new insulation, roof life and weather proofing, accessibility and safety to ingress and egress the roof for maintenance crews.

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