Design Build Panels: Advanced Design Contracting

When it comes to wall panel systems, we at ADC have you covered from beginning to end. From design, to material selection, to installation, our dedicated and experienced team can help turn your vision into a reality!

Commercial New Construction

Our talented designers at ADC can work with you to design your new commercial build using top-of-the-line materials and styles, including our selection of well-designed, beautiful and functional wall panel systems. Whether you are looking to install a corrugated tin design, a metal tile roof, or an advanced composite rain-screen, our crew of expert builders and licensed contractors can execute that plan with skill & precision.

No need to hand off plans or hire multiple teams to design and install your wall systems. Our designers and contractors are comfortable coordinating the design and build logistics with the other teams who will be involved in the construction of your building. We are a full-service building company with extensive experience working on large, complex builds.

Existing Panel Renovation

If weather, sun exposure, or unexpected damage has left your existing wall panel system in need of repair or renovation, look no further. The choice to fix or update an existing wall panel system can not only save money, but it can preserve historic architecture and improve your building’s value. Our team at ADC is here to both shepherd you through the restoration and/or repair process and ensure that it is a lasting solution.

We have experts who can help design the perfect replacement, as well as a talented team of builders and licensed contractors who will execute the renovation in a timely and professional manner, to minimize construction interference in your business. We at ADC we believe in turning a potentially difficult situation into a pleasant opportunity for transformation.

Composite Panels

We offer two different composite wall panel systems which combine beautiful visual interest with versatility and functionality. Both of Petersen’s advanced PAC panel systems are intricately designed and come in a variety of finishes and colors. The PAC-3000 CS panels incorporate a polyethylene or fire-retardant core, and their advanced fabrication allows for tight tolerances and precise panel dimensions. This not only provides fire protection, it also permits flexibility in installation, as well individual and free adjustment to fit unique or irregular conditions.

The PAC-3000 RS system offers the benefits of a rain-screen system, without the hassles and visual discontinuity of caulk. Its advanced design, which carefully nestles the extrusions into the perimeter tracks of the panel, not only allows for the directed passage of water through the system, but also allows for a free-floating panel installation, which limits perforation of the substrate

Corrugated Panels

We offer a complete line of corrugated, exposed fastener panels by Petersen which offer a flexible, affordable, and visually appealing option that can add architectural interest and design flare to your construction.

The versatility, affordability, and light weight nature of corrugated panels make them an excellent option for walls, roofs, or linear panels.

We also offer perforated exposed fastener panels which are suitable for a variety of projects such as exterior screens, as well as interior acoustical applications. The corrugated panels also come in a full range of materials, colors, and ranges to suit your particular design aesthetic and have risen in favor considerably in modern design.

Metal Tiles

We offer a variety of interlocking metal tiles from the Precision Series of the Petersen collection, all covered by the PAC-CLAD 30-year finish warranty. These light weight and cost effective tiles offer a beautiful and visually interesting alternative to roll-formed panel-style cladding, and can be installed directly over elevated channels or plywood with concealed fasteners. They come in four different styles: Cupped, Flat, Diamond, and TS.

Each offers a unique design and profile, and can add dimension and artistic flare to any structure. Their breathable interlocking joints make them suitable for commercial as well as residential application, and also make them an excellent solution for a wide variety of environments and weather conditions.