Advanced Design & General Contracting it's all in our name.

It’s not enough to “just get it done” it truly matters how you do it. With a fundamental understanding of how every part of the building envelope system interconnects with every other part ADC is one of a few elite operations with the right assets to be your General in the field or the hand selected precision strike force you need for any exterior project.

From Historic renovation, Government Facilities, to all Commercial applications.
Every tradesman at ADC is a properly trained and accredited union laborer.
Complete Location Logistics
Our infrastructure supports every domestic location.
Our historic delivery and success rate is unmatched in the industry.

Bureaucratic Negotiation and Facilitation

All building projects involve a certain amount bureaucratic red tape which must be negotiated at some point during the design and construction process. Due to the historical importance of preservation projects, the complexity of this step can increase exponentially. There are more stringent guidelines and additional permits and approvals which are vital to safeguarding the protection of our cultural resources. Unfortunately, they can also complicate and slow down many historic renovations.

At ADC we have extensive experience navigating governmental guidelines, negotiating agreements with historical associations, and facilitating the smooth progression of complex historical builds. Our team will not only help you design and implement your restoration, but we will ensure that the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Architectural Metal

From stunning copper roofs to corrugated tin siding our architectural sheet metal is a show-stopper

Wall Panel Systems

Our wall panel systems seamlessly combine beauty and function.

Commercial Roofs

Whether asphalt, slate, shake, or metal, whether flat or sloped, we have you covered for your commercial roofing needs.

Preservation of Historic Authenticity

Historic buildings are a key part of our national and cultural heritage. Preserving them not only adds beauty and interest to our skylines, but also protects a piece of our history for future generations.

In 1966 Congress established the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) to encourage the restoration and preservation of historic buildings for public benefit. Our team at ADC excels at updating and repairing historic buildings, while preserving their historic authenticity.

Environmental Sustainability

The choice to renovate and restore an older building not only preserves our cultural history, but it also makes good economic sense and helps to promote sustainable building practices. Restoration utilizes existing construction, keeping materials out of landfills and saving time and energy spent on demolition.

Our experienced designers at ADC can help you plan modifications and updates to existing old construction, which will save you money and upgrade your historic building to modern requirements, codes, and energy efficiency standards. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you efficiently navigate the renovation process in a manner that preserves the beauty and nostalgia that make historic buildings so special