Commercial Waterproofing Pros: Advanced Design Contracting

When extreme weather causes the elements to pay you an unwelcome visit, you can rely on ADC to keep your interior spaces safe and dry.

Commercial New Waterproofing

One of the most important parts of any new commercial build is ensuring appropriate waterproofing systems are selected for the environment and are installed accurately. Water seepage and leaks can lead to costly and potentially dangerous structural damage, and they are easy to prevent. Selecting a competent and capable waterproofer at the start of  your project will make all of the difference in the life of your building.

At ADC we offer an array of waterproofing and damp-proofing membranes and systems to suit various environments and conditions. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts can help you determine the appropriate solution for your specific commercial building needs, and our talented team of builders and licensed contractors can ensure proper and professional installation, so you never have to worry about water intrusion in the future.

Repair, Rebuild & Replacement

There is little that can ruin property as quickly as a leaking roof from an ice damn or water seeping into the basement during the first rains of spring. In those situations rest assured that you can turn to ADC to properly repair and waterproof and/or damp-proof your existing damaged roof or leaking basement. We offer various spray-on, self-adhering, and hot-application waterproofing membrane options, and our experts can help you determine the best solution for your moisture-barrier needs.

If repair is not an option and you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to rebuild or replace your existing roof, our team at ADC can provide you with the guidance and expertise to select and install a top-of-the-line waterproof or damp-proof system to meet your specific requirements and prevent any future water intrusion.

Above Grade Surfaced Waterproofing

While most people generally think of water leakage as only a roof or basement issue, it is important to note that there are other instances of above-grade water seepage. This is particularly common around building foundations and near entrances and exits.

ADC offers multiple waterproof and damp-proof membranes, as well as waterproofing systems for above grade surfaces to help ensure the elements remain outdoors and your interior stays dry. Our experts can help determine the most appropriate system for your particular conditions, and our skilled builders and contractors can install it quickly and efficiently.

Below Grade Walls

Increased pressure from underground water buildup can press against sunken walls, resulting in leaks and water seepage, especially in structures that extend below grade (below ground-level). At ADC we provide a number of different waterproofing solutions, including variously applied membranes and waterproof systems that will prevent the outside from coming in.

Every situation is unique, and our experts will help you to determine the best fix for your specific moisture-related problems, while our talented team of builders and certified contractors will expertly install it from start to finish. With ADC you can rest assured that the weather remains outdoors, while your basement stays warm and dry.

Underground Buildings

Foundations, crawl spaces, basements and underground parking structures are all particularly vulnerable to damage from water seepage and penetrating underground moisture. At ADC we help insure the integrity of your underground structure by installing cutting edge moisture barriers and waterproof and damp-proof systems.

We offer an array of options including various sealant membranes, as well as porous membranes that work in conjunction with drainage systems to insure concrete’s ability to breathe and expand and contract. Our experts will help you determine which waterproofing option is right and our team of experienced builders will install it professionally so that your underground structure remains strong and dry.