Advanced Design & General Contracting it's all in our name.

It’s not enough to “just get it done” it truly matters how you do it. With a fundamental understanding of how every part of the building envelope system interconnects with every other part ADC is one of a few elite operations with the right assets to be your General in the field or the hand selected precision strike force you need for any exterior project.

From Historic renovation, Government Facilities, to all Commercial applications.
Every tradesman at ADC is a properly trained and accredited union laborer.
Complete Location Logistics
Our infrastructure supports every domestic location.
Our historic delivery and success rate is unmatched in the industry.

Building Envelope Systems

Building envelope systems refer to the physical barrier that helps maintain a dry, heated, or cooled, stable interior environment, and provides resistance to the outdoor elements. It is the combination of elements that allow a structure to be climate controlled, and it includes water and damp proofing, moisture barriers, and heat and air control. Building envelope systems help ensure energy efficiency, as well as structural integrity, and are a vital component of any construction project.

It is important to tailor each envelope system to meet the specific environmental demands of an individual build site. Our expert team at ADC will not only install your envelope system from start to finish, we will assist you during the design process to guarantee that you select the appropriate system and components to protect your unique construction from whatever surprises nature may have in store.

Architectural Sheet Metal

From stunning copper roofs to corrugated tin siding our architectural sheet metal is a show-stopper

Wall Panel Systems

Our wall panel systems seamlessly combine beauty and function.

Commercial Roofs

Whether asphalt, slate, shake, or metal, whether flat or sloped, we have you covered for your commercial roofing needs.

Tailored Design Services

Our diverse team is comprised of experts in an array of fields and disciplines to ensure we are able to walk you through the entire build process. We believe in the benefits of efficiency and collaboration, and put those beliefs into practice by employing a multidisciplinary team, capable of tailoring designs to your specific goals and vision and then executing them.

This eliminates the added complexity and expense of coordinating multiple firms, and streamlines the design and construction process so that you save valuable time and money.

General Contracting Expertise

We are proud of the fact that our multidisciplinary team at ADC includes an accomplished group of licensed general contractors, capable of coordinating and streamlining the construction process. We have the knowledge, experience, and ability to take you all the way through the project, from start to finish.

No need to hand off plans or hire multiple teams in order to complete your project. We are a full-service roofing and construction company with extensive experience working on large, complex builds, and we are eager to help you bring your vision to life!