The Details


Very tight worksite constraints, limited access, limited staging areas, while working along side varied trade and sub-contractors. An infrastructure job that supported the city water system. Top performance and excellence required.


60 Mil Black EPDM tapered roof system with insulation installed on City Water Pump Station addition. Custom coping and sheet metal installed as well.


Longevity and long term waterproofing, increased R Value, increased longevity of the building. 

The Testimonial

Andrew Vanderlinden
Advanced Design Contracting has impressed us on multiple levels and surpassed our expectations on all of our commercial projects. We have over a decade of history working with ADC and I highly recommend them. They're a team with real integrity and professionalism. They will not let you down!
Jennifer Hudson
The quality of workmanship and professionalism of Advanced Design Contracting's staff assures a successful project absent of delays, cost over runs and long punch lists. I would highly recommend ADC for any project requiring exceptional quality and expertise.
Jack Frieden
Over the years, our experience with Foster at Advanced Design Contracting has been one of complete satisfaction. They have completed both commercial & restoration projects for us in a professional and courteous manner, on budget, on time — always with our needs in mind.

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