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Minneapolis North Side Service Building – 1126 44th Ave N. 55412



During the demolition process of the existing roofing rotted decking was discovered. The severity of the deterioration required extensive amounts of the existing structure to be redecked. Sourcing a qualified subcontractor to install new steel decking with zero notice, during a weather event, the week of Christmas.


60 Mil Black EPDM tapered roof with insulation system installed upon new rebuilt deck. Exterior flashing sheet metal, installed new roof drains for proper drainage. Installed galvanized steel stairs, which required crane operation. Managed steel erector subcontractors and mechanical contractor for roof drains and audited and inspected their work.


Longevity and long term waterproofing, increased R Value, increased longevity of the building, new steel installed to access 2nd level roof by way of new steel stairs, better storm drainage to benefit the life of the roof and building.

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